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ARTAUD Antonin.
Letters from Rodez. Paris, GLM, 1946. In-12, paperback.
First edition.
Copy of Doctor Ferdière, psychiatrist, who treated Antonin Artaud in the hospital of Rodez, with this autograph letter signed by Antonin Artaud: "to Mr. Gaston Ferdière, dear friend, ... by this little book which provides only true things. And that I manifest in it throughout an old horror of hallucinations, ecstasies, trances and induced sleep. The human body can, awake much more things than under the sleep which represents only its escape in front of all the small daily characters: soldier, painter, writer, man of honor, disinterested lover, orator, etc. That he refused to live by cowardice. One day the man was not asleep but he fell asleep in front of the effort to exist. I know people in Paris who wanted to create a science of the eternity in order to escape from the real life when the poetry is to (...) all its self in the time, otherwise it is not more true. Page 51 I say good of you. There is nothing else, Antonin Artaud".
The book was not read by Ferdière, was not even cut... Here is the passage that Artaud reported to Dr. Ferdière: "By now, my freedom has been restored by the head doctor here, who has finally convinced himself that he too had been deceived about me, even though he wanted to be just a friend to me and was magically forced to consider me as a doctor.
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